How to Attach a Survey Instrument to a Program Activity

To Attach a Survey Instrument

  1. Navigate to the program activity you wish to attach a survey instrument to (Track / Program Activities).

  2. Click "Attach Survey Instruments" in the progress bar on the right side. 

  3. Click "Attach Survey Instrument"

  4. If you’ve already created a survey instrument that matches (one of) the program area(s) of the program activity, you can select it from the Survey Instrument drop down.

  5. If the drop down is empty or you haven’t created the survey instrument yet, you may create one by typing what you wish to name the survey instrument into the empty dialog box, and then proceed to the next step by clicking "Add New Survey Instrument", which will pop up once you enter a unique survey instrument name. Add New Survey Instrument
  6. Select the desired Program areas and Survey Instrument template and verify the survey instrument Name is correct.

  7. If the template that the survey instrument is based on allows, you may move the questions up or down accordingly by clicking on the button with three lines button and dragging them to the position you want them in for your survey instrument.

  8. If the template that the survey instrument is based on allows, you may add additional questions by clicking "Add Question".

  9. Click "+ Create".

  10. Next, choose what type of survey instrument this is, specify the date it was delivered, and verify that the name is correct.

  11. Click "Save".

To enter response data for the attached survey instrument(s) click the button that looks like a notebook page. To edit the attached survey instrument, click the button that looks like a pencil writing on paper to the right of the survey instrument on the program activity overview page (Track / Program Activities). To delete a survey instrument from the program activity (not from the system) select the specific program activity the survey instrument is attached to from the Program Activities page.  Then, click the X button to the right of the survey instrument on the program activity overview page or in the Attach Survey Instruments section of the Program Activity.


  • You can attach more than one survey instrument to the program activity.
  • We strongly discourage using the Aggregate responses option in most cases, because aggregate data does not show impact as well as individual data.
  • If you do not have any response data to log, you may click "No Survey Instruments to Report"to mark the Survey Instruments section as complete without attaching any survey instruments.

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