Template Export

You may wish to export all the data associated with a template in PEARS. You can do this for any template, and it will pull all the data that you have permissions to view.

To Export a Template

  1. Navigate to the Template Export page, under the "Analyze" section in the main navigation bar (Analyze / Template Export). 

  2. Click onExport Button to the right of the program you wish to export.

  3. A pop-up will appear asking you to select the date range you wish to export. The default dates are from the beginning of the reporting period (October 1) to the current date. You may not select dates in the future.

  4. Click on Export Button.

  5. If you do not see the template you want, click on Filter Button to update the available filters. You may also search by typing several characters or a word in the search bar and keying “Enter”.

  6. Your browser will prompt you to save the Microsoft Excel file. Choose a location on your computer and save the file.


Parts of a Template Export

Each Template Export file will contain one or more of the following:

Export Details

This tab (or sheet) provides information about when the export was run, by whom, how many survey instruments are attached, and program activity date range. There will only be one of these tabs.

Overview & Demographics

This tab provides the general details of all program activities that had a survey instrument based on this template attached. It also shows whatever demographic information was reported for the program activities. There will only be one of these tabs.

Data Tabs

These tabs will show the raw data as it was entered in PEARS. There will be one of these tabs for Individual Data and another for Aggregate Data. The data contained in this tab may be used to do further statistical analysis on your own with the application of your choosing.


The Template Export can be used to see the permissions of a certain template (i.e. if it is aggregate or not).

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