Agent Performance Review (Director)

To Manage, Review, and Comment on Agent Performance Reviews as a Director

  1. Click the “Review” menu on the navigation bar and select Performance Reviews (Review / Performance Reviews) from the drop-down.This page is only visible to directors with personnel management responsibilities.
  2. This should take you to a page with a list of current reviews by extension unit.
  3. To filter dates and extension units, click Filter Button in the upper right corner, change the filter, and click Apply Button.
  4. Open a review by clicking on the extension unit name. This should expand that review.
  5. Clicking the Email Action Plans to Board Members button will ask you to select the reporting period to use for selecting board members and action plans. Then it sends an email to the selected board members with those action plans.
  6. Clicking the Un-submit Button can be used to un-submit a review that was submitted prematurely.
  7. Clicking Input/Edit Director Comments Button will redirect you to a page where you can add comments to the agents review.
  8. Clicking Director Summary Button will open a print friendly view of the performance review.

To Email Board Members

  1. On the left there should be a list of board members. Clicking Email Button will send an email to that board member with a link to a page where they can comment on the review.
  2. The column with heading “S” indicates whether the board members have submitted their comments or not.
  3. The column with heading “EC” (email count) indicates the number of emails sent to that board member.


  • The name of the agent who submitted the review should be shown above the list of board members.
  • If the review has external reviewers attached they will appear under “External Reviewers” on the right.
  • If email is not a certain board members preference there will be a Print button that will open a printer friendly page of the review.
  • In order to see the board member process see our documentation on the board member performance review process.

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