How to Create a PSE Site Activity

To Create a PSE Site Activity

  1. Go to the "PSE Site Activities" page (Track / PSE Site Activities).

  2. Click the "Add Button".

  3. Find the site of the PSE work you are reporting on in the drop down list under "Site or organization".  If multiple locations are involved in the PSE work you can choose an organization (e.g., a school district).  Should you find that the site/organization you are looking for is not listed, you have the option to add a site with the "Add Site" button.

  4. Under "Unit" find the unit this PSE work primarily takes place in.

  5. Choose the setting of this PSE work.  If more than one setting was involved, a separate PSE Site Activity should be created for each setting.

  6. Enter the Federal Fiscal Year when you initially contacted this site about participating in SNAP-Ed funded PSE work.

  7. Choose which stage of the program planning continuum that the PSE work is in (for the CURRENT reporting year).  If the site has gone through more than one planning stage during the current reporting year list all stages here.

  8. Upload any files related to PSE work at this site for the current reporting year (e.g., reports, survey data, or pictures) by clicking the "Add files" button.

  9. Click "Save" to finalize the entry or "Save and continue" to navigate to the "Needs, Readiness & Effectiveness" section.

To Add a Site/Organization Name

  1. Click within the dialog that says "Search for a site," and type in the desired name of the site. If the site is not available, click "Add Site" and fill out the required information to add that site to the listing.

To Add an Attachment

  1. Click  "Add files" and select the desired file that you wish you attach to the PSE Activity. Click "Open" to finalize your selection or "Cancel" to discontinue this process.

  2. Click "Save" to finalize the entry or "Save and continue" to navigate to the "Needs, Readiness & Effectiveness" section.

  • PSE setting: Types of sites, for example; schools, work sites, food stores, and parks.
  • In what Federal Fiscal Year did you first contact this site to participate in SNAP-Ed funded PSE work?: The accounting period for the federal government is referred to as the “fiscal year.” The fiscal year begins on October 1 and ends on September 30.
  • Stage: PSE work takes place on a continuum. The planning stage response options represent points on the PSE program planning continuum.


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