Tracking Meetings & Events in Coalitions

You have the option to track meetings and events related to a coalition for the current reporting period.  This is not required but can be a helpful way to track all coalition information in one place.  Make sure you are only reporting meetings and events for the coalition, not direct education that belongs in program activities.

How to Record Coalition Meetings and Events

  1. Begin by choosing whether or not you want to report meetings and events related to this coalition.  If you choose "No" you can save and move on to the next section.

  2. Click the Add Meeting / Event button to add a meeting or event.  You will need to include a name for the meeting or event, a start date, a start time, and a purpose for the meeting.  You have the option to add notes and accomplishments as well.  Click Saveto add the meeting to your list of events for the coalition.

  3.  Repeat this process if you need to record more meetings or events for this coalition in the current reporting year.  

  4. You can edit previously added meetings or events by clicking the Edit button or delete one by clicking theXbutton next to the specific event.
  5. Once you are finished adding meetings or events, click Saveor Save and continue to move on and mark the coalition as complete. 

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