How to Document the Reach of a Social Marketing Campaign
  1. The first thing you will be asked is if you are tracking the reach of this campaign during the current reporting period.  If you have not been tracking the reach or if you are in the planning stages of the campaign you can select "No" and move on the "Evaluation" section.
  2. If you have gathered some data on the reach and/or market size of your campaign select "Yes" and you will be prompted to answer a larger set of questions to record your findings.
  3. You must first select the method you used to determine the market size and reach of your campaign from the drop-down list provided.  If you select "Other Method" you should specify what that method was in the text box provided.
  4. The Market & Reach table measures three things.  First, it measures the Market Size.  This is how many individuals are in the area you're targeting with your campaign (whether they are exposed to your campaign or not).  Next, is the Number of Impressions.  This is the total number of views for your campaign (not necessarily the number of individuals since one person could view the campaign multiple times).  Last, you can record the number of individuals reached by the campaign.  You will only record unique individuals and people who were exposed to the campaign multiple times will only be counted once.  Only record the data you have for each section, leaving sections blank if you did not collect the demographic information for it.
  5. Once you have filled out the Market & Reach table you can click Save and continue to save your work and move on to the next section or  to save your work if you plan on coming back to finish reporting later.

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