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Although Social Marketing Campaigns may be multi-year endeavors, for reporting purposes, the module should only include information about the work done in the current reporting period.  All other work will be logged in the reporting period within which it was completed.  After you have logged all relevant data for the reporting period, you will need to mark it as complete.  Doing this ensures that others know it is ready for review and inclusion in impact statements.

To Mark a Social Marketing Campaign as Complete
  1. Go to the Social Marketing Campaigns section (Track / Social Marketing Campaigns) and select the campaign you wish to mark as complete.  Review all information logged for your campaign, checking for accuracy as you go. 
  2. Navigate to the "Mark as Complete" section.  You can do this by clicking the blue link in the progress bar on the right side of the page or clicking "Save and continue"on the Evaluation page.
  3. Click "Mark as Complete".
If you need to edit your data after it has been marked complete, you will need to mark the campaign as incomplete again before you will be able to access the General Information, Reach, and Evaluation pages.  Any edits must be made before the end of the reporting period, at which point the data will be locked down.  

To Mark a Social Marketing Campaign as Incomplete
  1. Navigate to the "Mark as Complete" section for the specific campaign you need to edit.
  2. Click "Mark as Incomplete" .
  3. Remember to mark the campaign as complete after updating the information so that it will be included in reports.

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