Creating a Survey

  1. Go to the Surveys module located in the Plan menu (
  2. Click the green ‘+Add’ button, located on the top of the page on the right-hand side, to create a new survey.
  3. Give your survey a title
  4. Choose the type of survey you are creating (pre, post, follow-up, retrospective).  Choose any types that will apply to this survey. (Note: The retrospective survey type cannot be selected in combination with any other survey type (e.g., retrospective and post or retrospective and pre, etc.))
  5. Optionally, you may add a description and copyright notice.
  6. Choose the program area(s) this survey will be attached to.  Selecting multiple program areas will allow others from those program areas to attach the survey to their program area’s program activities as needed.
  7. If the SNAP-Ed program area is selected, an additional form field will be shown allowing you to specify which indicators from the SNAP-Ed framework the survey targets (if applicable).
  8. To allow for aggregate (rather than individual) survey response entry, click on the grey slider. The slider will turn green indicating that users will be able to enter response data for this survey in aggregate.
  9. If you have a Word or PDF version of the survey formatted in the way you’d prefer the survey be administered, you can attach that “print version” of your survey by clicking on ‘Browse…’.  Choose the file where the print version is located and click ‘Open’.  (Note: Only one print version may be uploaded for each survey.)  If you choose not to attach a separate “print version” of your survey PEARS will generate the print version based on the formatting specified during survey creation.
  10. Add instructions for your survey by dragging and dropping files into the grey box or clicking ‘Select’ and choosing all relevant files.
  11. Click ‘Save and Continue’ to begin adding questions to your survey, or click ‘Save’ to save your progress.

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