Formatting a Survey

When you create your survey there are several formatting options available to you, as well as specific permissions you can set for your questions.  These include choosing which questions are numbered, increasing or decreasing the depth of the questions, denoting which questions are required, and choosing whether or not questions can be removed from copied versions of the survey.  All formatting buttons will be shown on the right side of the question text on the ‘Questions’ screen/section of the survey. 
Use these buttons to indent or unindent questions on your survey.

Delete buttonClick this button to mark a question as required.  Survey responses without an answer to these questions will be considered invalid and will not be savable in the PEARS system.

Use this button to mark whether or not a question or heading is numbered.  By default, all questions will be numbered while headings will not.

Click the lock button to mark a question as irremovable.  This means that any copies of the survey that are made cannot remove or change this question.  (Note:  Any surveys that do not allow copies to be made will be entirely static and all questions will be irremovable.)

This button will delete a question from your survey.  On copied surveys, with locked questions, the questions that are marked irremovable will have the delete button disabled.

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