Specifying Permissions for a Survey

  1. Go to the ‘Permissions’ section of your survey by opening the survey and clicking on ‘Permissions’ in the progress bar on the right-hand side of the screen.
  2. Choose whether or not you want to share this survey with others.  
  3. If you select ‘No’ you can save your work and move on.
  4. If you select ‘Yes’ you will add permissions by clicking the green ‘+ Add Shares’ button.
  5. Choose the scope of your share.  The choices available to you are limited by your permissions in PEARS.  All users can share with other individuals, while administrators have the ability to share surveys within specific units or with other organizations (by making the survey public).  
  6. Indicate whether or not you want to allow users to copy the survey (this will let the user customize questions). You will also need to specify if you want to grant users the authority to view all response data attached to the survey (this will allow them to see responses for copies of this survey that they did not enter into PEARS).
  7. Once you’ve filled out all the required fields click the green ‘Save’ button to add that Permission to your survey.
  8. You have the ability to add multiple permissions to your survey (if you wanted to share with two individuals, for example).  Simply follow the steps listed above to continue adding new permissions to your survey.
  9. Click ‘Save and continue’ to move on to ‘Mark as Active’ or ‘Save’ to save your changes and come back to the survey later. If you do not click one of these buttons, your changes will be lost.

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