Creating a Performance Review Plan

Performance Review Plans allow for the creation of customizable templates that can be used during the annual performance review process.  Plans can only be created by Extension Organization Administrators.  

What to Do Before Creating a Performance Review Plan
  1. Create positions for your organization and make sure all agents are assigned the correct position in the Manage Users interface.  Contact the PEARS Support Team for help setting up agent positions for your organization.
  2. Create assessments for agents, their supervisors, and board members (if your organization uses them) in the Surveys module.  More information about creating performance review assessments can be found in our article about Creating Assessments for Reviews.  
Adding a New Performance Review
  1. Go to Plan / Performance Review Plans.
  2. Click  in the top right corner.
Filling Out The General Information Section
  1. Choose which reporting period this Performance Review Plan will be attached to.
  2. Determine which positions the Performance Review Plan will be used for.  Multiple positions can use the same plan.  Any agent that has one of the positions chosen will be assigned a Performance Review based on this plan.  (Note: Each position can only be used for a Performance Review Plan once a reporting period)
  3. Choose a start date/time and an end date/time.  Performance Reviews will be generated from the plan on the start date and assigned to each agent in the positions listed in the plan.  Agents, supervisors, and board members affected by the plan will receive an email on the start date notifying them that a performance review is ready and waiting for them to complete.  After the end date and time has passed agents will no longer be able to complete their performance review.
  4. Choose the self-assessment survey created for the agents in the position to fill out.
  5. Pick the survey to be filled out by the agent's supervisor.
  6. Choose whether or not board members should be included in this plan.  If you choose yes another drop-down box will appear asking you to specify a survey that board members can fill out.
  7. Click to save your work and move on to the next section or  to save your work and go back to the overview for the plan.
Specifying Supporting Data to be Included in the Performance Review Plan
  1. Go to the 'Supporting Data' section of your Performance Review Plan by clicking on the link in the Progress Bar or moving forward from the 'General Information' section.
  2. Choose whether or not supporting data from PEARS (such as action plans, success stories, or professional development plans) will be requested from the agents completing reviews based on this plan.  If you choose no, you can click to save your work and move on to the next section or  to save your work and go back to the overview of the plan.  Choosing yes will open a section that allows you to select which modules should be attached to the reviews.
  3. To choose which modules should be included in the supporting data for the section click '+Select Modules'.
  4. Select which module the supporting data will come from and the reporting period it should be attached to.
  5. Click 
  6. To require additional modules in the supporting data section repeat steps 2-4.
Marking a Performance Review Plan as Complete
  1. Navigate to the 'Mark as Complete' section of your Performance Review Plan by clicking on the link in the Progress Bar or moving forward from the 'Supporting Data' section.
  2. Only click 'Mark as Complete' when you are finished editing the plan and intend to use it for reviews.
  3. After the plan has been marked as complete you can mark it incomplete and edit it anytime before the start date of the plan.  Once the plan is complete and the start date has passed you will NOT be able to edit the plan. ‚ÄčEmail notifications will be sent to users affected by the plan on the start date and they will have access to complete their performance reviews.  
  4. Once the end date has passed no more records can be added to the performance reviews generated by this plan.  This includes self-assessments, supervisor reviews, and board member reviews (when applicable).

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