Managing Program Area Team Members

PEARS now allows extension organizations to track various levels of membership in Program Area Teams. If you are an organizational administrator or a user manager, you can manage the teams users are associated via the "Manage Users" screen.

To manage which program area teams a user is associated with:
  1. Click on the administrative menu in the upper left:

  2. Select Manage Users from the menu. A list of users will display.
  3. Click on the name of the user you wish to manage.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page, where the Program Area Team Member section is:

  5. To add the user as a member of a team, select the program area from the drop down.
  6. Next, select a role. Roles are defined as follows:
    1. Member: A member of a team has no special permissions or abilities, but can be tracked in PEARS as part of the larger team.
    2. Leader: A leader of a team has the ability to see all data logged for their team throughout PEARS, as well as the ability to share surveys with their organization and add State/PFT level action plans.
    3. Consultant: A consultant of a team has the same permissions as a leader but is not the point of contact for the team.
  7. Finally, select the reporting period this membership is for. Note that the current reporting period is selected by default.
  8. If you are only adding one team, click Save. Otherwise, you can add additional teams by clicking the button with the plus symbol to the far right and repeating steps 5-7.

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