Does the New Reporting Periods Update Affect Me?

For most users, the new reporting period functionality will have minimal impact on their day-to-day use of PEARS. In the past, the window in which you could enter data was controlled by the PEARS team. The new reporting period management feature allows organizations to create custom reporting period data entry windows. All data previously entered in PEARS has now been migrated to use the new structure, and is just as accessible as it was before using filters.

My organization is SNAP-Ed only

If you are a part of an organization that uses PEARS solely for SNAP-Ed data management, very little will change in your day-to-day usage. The most significant change will be that your organization now has the ability to customize the date window in which you can enter data for a particular reporting year. For example, your organization could set the data entry window for the 2019 reporting year to be 09/01/2018 - 10/31/2019 even though the fiscal year runs from 10/1/2018 to 9/30/2019. This primarily allows each organization to control how much extra time is allowed to finish reporting at the end of a fiscal year. 

My organization uses PEARS for both SNAP-Ed and Extension

Reporting periods are now determined by the program area of the record created. The window in which you can enter and edit data for SNAP-Ed records, for example, might now be different than for Extension records.

Additionally, the way records are filtered in PEARS will be different. Since each program area can have its own reporting period, your organization could potentially have a different reporting period filter option for each program area. To the right is an example of an organization that has a separate reporting year for SNAP-Ed, Extension, and 4-H.
If you have any questions about the date ranges for each reporting period, please contact a PEARS Organization Administrator (a list of Organization Administrators can be found in the PEARS Directory).

Organization Administrators

Organization Administrators can now manage their organization’s reporting periods. You should be prepared to have members of your organization approach you with questions regarding the window in which users are allowed to enter and edit data that falls within a particular reporting period.

Additionally, the PEARS Support Team has created documentation on how to manage your organization’s reporting period data entry windows here. Note that once a reporting period has been created, PEARS will automatically create the next version of the reporting period one year and one day prior to the start date. If you would like to create a new reporting period for one of the program areas in your organization, please reach out to the PEARS Support Team.
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