FAQs about Reporting Periods

Below are some of the common questions the PEARS Support Team has received since rolling out the update to reporting periods in June of 2019.

Q: When I enter a record (like a program activity), it is listed under the wrong reporting period (SNAP-Ed instead of Extension, or vis-a-versa). Why is this happening?

A: The reporting period attached to records in PEARS is automatically selected based upon the program area selected. For example, if you chose “SNAP-Ed” as the program area for a program activity, it will be attached to the current SNAP-Ed reporting period in PEARS. If you choose “SNAP-Ed” and something else, such as “Livestock Production”, the record will be attached to both the current SNAP-Ed and Extension reporting periods.

Q: Why don’t I see the program area field when I enter data into PEARS?

A: This field is used primarily by extension groups, but states that are using PEARS for SNAP-Ed can ask for this field to be turned on (it’s set to SNAP-Ed by default if not shown). To discuss what this might look like and how it affects your data, please speak with the PEARS Support Team.

Q: What is the difference between the open and close dates and times and the start and end dates for a reporting period?

A: The open/close dates and times are when the reporting period in question is active and data can be entered for it. The start/end dates are the “programming dates”, or the timeframe that is being reporting upon.

Q: Can I set up one reporting period to open before the current one closes?

A: Not for the same type (SNAP-Ed or Extension). Each organization can only have one reporting period of each type active at a time, so we don’t allow the open/close dates to overlap.

Q: Who can change the open and close dates for a reporting period?

A: Any user marked as an organizational administrator on the Directory can make those changes.

Q: Who can change the start and end dates for a reporting period?

A: Currently, only the PEARS Support Team can make changes to the start and end dates, and only for Extension reporting periods. All SNAP-Ed reporting periods must align with the Federal Fiscal Year. If you would like to modify your start or end dates for Extension reporting periods, please contact the PEARS Support Team.

Q: What happens if my record (i.e., a program activity) is attached to multiple reporting periods and one of the attached reporting periods closes? Will I still be able to edit that record?

A: No, not without special permissions from the PEARS Support Team. Once *any* attached reporting period for a record is closed, that record is locked and can no longer be edited. If you need permission to edit data for past reporting periods, please speak with an administrator within your organization and have them reach out to PEARS Support on your behalf.

Q: What happens when I copy data from a previous reporting period? Does it get attached to the previous reporting period or the current one?

A: Whenever a record from a previous reporting period is copied in PEARS, it is attached to the current reporting period of the same type. For example, if you copy a record in SNAP-Ed 2018, it will be attached to SNAP-Ed 2019.

Q: Can I export data from two reporting periods at the same time?

A: Using the “Year” filter, you can export data from all the reporting periods in one year at the same time. However, to export data from two different years, you will need to export the data once for each year and combine it manually.

Q: How should I handle survey data that spans two reporting periods? If the pre-survey happens in Extension 2019 but the post survey won’t happen until Extension 2020, how can I enter the data in PEARS to take advantage of the “Responses by Matched ID” export?

A: There isn’t a perfect solution to this issue at the current time. The PEARS Team is brainstorming different ideas to solve this problem, but for now, we recommend either:
  1. Waiting to enter pre-data until the second reporting period, so that the pre- and post- data are in the same program activity

  2. If you are using the “public link” functionality to collect response data, reach out to the PEARS Support team once you have the pre- and post- data for assistance.

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