Marking a Record as “Verified” or “Unverified”

Users with the Data Manager role may mark records as “verified” or “unverified” while cleaning data.

To Mark a Record as “Verified”
  1. Navigate to the records you would like to verify.
    For example, navigate to Program Activities by hovering over the Track menu and selecting Program Activities.

  2. A list of Program Activities displays.
    Click the name of the records you would like to clean/verify.

    Program Activities List

  3. The Program Activity details display. Once you have completed checking and/or cleaning data, click Mark as Verified button. The record is now verified.

    Mark Record as Verified

    Note: Records can only be marked as “verified” after they have been marked as CompleteTo mark a record as complete, go to the Progress panel and click the “Mark as complete” link.
Mark as Complete Link
     Then, on the “Mark as complete” page, click the button: Mark as Complete Button.
     The record is now marked as complete and is able to be marked as verified.
To Mark a Record as “Unverified”
  1. Navigate to the record you would like to edit, following steps 1-2 above.
  2. For records that have already been marked as “verified,” the button Mark as Unverified Button will appear.

    Mark Record as Unverified

  3. Click Mark as Unverified Button. The record is no longer “verified.”

    Note: By default, all records are “unverified.” If any user makes changes to verified data, the record automatically returns to be “unverified.” You can mark the record as verified again by clicking Mark as Verified.

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